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Livorno - Week 42 - Monday 17th October 2016

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1 IFRF relocation - update

From the IFRF
Contributed by Neil Fricker
Solihull, Monday 17th October 2016

IFRF continues with its relocation to Sheffield University. The IFRF's 60 years of archived reports and documents have been boxed and will be shipped to Sheffield this week. IFRF instruments and analysers were already shipped to Sheffield during August.

With the completion of this shipment and an associated move of the IFRF's local IT network to a temporary home within the IFRF's IT support office in the Netherlands, IFRF's move out of its Livorno offices will be completed during October. IFRF email addresses and all parts of the www.ifrf.net web site will continue to operate normally throughout the move. Alternative telephone numbers to be used during the relocation are shown at   http://www.ifrf.net/page/general/contact-us

The Livorno team would like to take this opportunity of thanking the Livorno team of host ENEL for its vital support during this phase of our physical relocation.


No further details


2 Changes at AFRC

From the AFRC
Contributed by Jordan Loftus
Utah, Monday 17th October 2016

Jamal.pngAmerican Flame Research Committee (AFRC) is pleased to announce that Jamal Jamaluddin, formerly with Shell OIL USA, has take over Jim Seebold’s AFRC activities including Annual Meetings Planning and Execution. Jim had filled this role for AFRC for a number of years. He was instrumental in helping prepare the succesful 2016 AFRC Hawaii event that took place in September right up to his sad passing in March of this year.

Jamal has had a long association with the combustion industry at Shell Oil, Babcock and Wilcox and the Advanced Combustion Engineering Research Center following a PhD with University of Newcastle, New South Wales. IFRF is looking forward to a close and fruitful cooperation with Jamal in the years ahead.

No further details


3 Combustion Industry News

From the IFRF's correspondent in Australia
From the Sydney Office
Contributed by Patrick Lavery
Australia, Monday 17th October 2016

Patrick Lavery pic.jpgCombustion Industry News brings together interesting and important stories about or affecting the combustion industry, and is collated for the IFRF every fortnight by Patrick Lavery. For each news story cited, a link is provided to the original publication. Where news relates to IFRF Member Organisations, the name of the organisation appears in green with a link to the associated profile page on the IFRF website. Subscription-free article links are given in blue, and subscription-required article links in red.

If you have a news item to share, please contact Patrick Lavery.

Top Story

- South Australian blackout triggers debate about role of renewables

Business Trends

- US Clean Power Plan court case begins as plan remains on hold
- EU medium plant air pollution directive being passed into national laws
- More German coal-fired plants under economic pressure

Research, Development and Technology

- Petra Nova CCS retrofit close to completion on time and on budget
- Bechtel files patent for technology to capture CO2 from combined cycle gas turbines

Project and Company News

- India’s NTPC slowing coal expansion while pushing solar
- Deepwater Horizon film premieres to lukewarm reviews and at least one fierce critic



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