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London’s hidden gas plant

From the IFRF Office
Contributed by Lucy Straker
Sheffield, Monday 7th August 2017

The buildings of the Port of London Authority and the Central Cold Store, near Smithfield Market, London are a reminder of the city’s industrial and commercial past.
But behind these walls is a hidden power station which may change how the UK heats, cools and powers businesses going forward.

Citigen - owned and run by E.ON since 2002 - has generated electricity since 1993 and captured the byproduct heat, sending it off to buildings in London via a tunnel network.

There is no other combined heat and power plant of such scale in the centre of a UK city.

And now E.ON has finished a 3 year, £26m refurbishment which included replacing two unreliable and dirty ship engines with smaller, cleaner gas versions.

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